• Managing Learning Difference.
    We are an independent, remedial education provider in Sandton, South Africa.

  • Managing Learning Difference.
    We offer a world class education to students with barriers to learning and SEN.

  • Managing Learning Difference.
    Proven, world-class remediation and intervention standards.

Contact our team to find out how we can help your child    011 234 1212    hello@EDU360 .education

StepBEYOND Specialist School

StepBEYOND serves moderate to high-functioning adolescents who have difficulty negotiating academic, social and emotional pressures of a typical school environment.

 EDU360 Vocational Academy

Our Vocational Academy in Rivonia aims to empower high school students with learning barriers and SEN challenges. Our accredited programmes are SEN specific with a job ready approach.

  EDU360 Learning Support

Our team provides professional learning support in the mainstream and special education communities. Our speciality is Special Education Needs provisioning and accommodation of Learning Difference.

  EDU360 Professional Development

We care about educators and aim to empower the teacher voice. Matching observational concerns to specific difficulties, we enable educators to navigate SEN occurrence in a professional, nurturing manner.

  • Michael, 18 , September 2017 If you don't want your child crammed into an uncomfortable box, look at EDU360 - they will let your young adult be the person he/she should be! - Lorraine Corcoran, Parent , September 2017
  • Michael, 18 , September 2017 They understand where you come from, they treat you with respect and with manners.  - Michael, 18 , September 2017 -
  • Michael, 18 , September 2017 The teachers are fun to work with, and are always there when you need them. - Shirelle, 19 , September 2017
  • Michael, 18 , September 2017 An amazing educational facility for those youngsters who don't fit into mainstream but deserve a chance to be great! - Lorraine Corcoran, Parent , September 2017
  • Michael, 18 , September 2017 I am given more responsibility than I would have had in a normal school environment. - Rhys D, 19 , March 2017 -